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Speaking Engagements

    NY State Geospatial Summit, 2009

I gave the keynote at the NEURISA Day event (agenda and presentations) in 2011. (My coverage, Oct 2011) Also:

I spoke at the New York State Geospatial Summit 2011 (My coverage, June 2011) Also:

I offered the closing keynote at MidAmerica GIS Consortium - MAGIC - 2010 Symposium. (My coverage, my slides (pdf), April 2010)

I presented "Harnessing Geospatial Technology in Liberal Education," the keynote at Geospatial Technologies in the Liberal Arts. I was pleased to be accompanied by my Dad, Arnold. (My coverage, NITLE coverage, Sept. 2009)

I presented a keynote at the MetaCarta Public Sector User Group. (My coverage, May 2007.

I presented the keynote at the Pennsylvania GIS Conference. (My coverage, May 2006)

I presented the keynote at the GeoVue User Conference. (Dec 2006)

I spoke to NICS (National Infrastructure for Community Statistics) a group aiming to make statistics easier to access and use on the Web on Feb 16, 2005 at the Brookings Institution. I covered the commercial side of the geospatial industry. (My coverage, Feb 2005)

I spoke to a group of local (Massachusetts) town GIS managers. Said one in an e-mail, "Excellent presentation yesterday by Adena. We should try to have a few more meeting where a non-biased GIS professional (no consultants) is guest speaker." (Apr 2004)

I was an invited speaker at the 2004 Wisconsin Land Information Association Annual Conference. I provided a lunch time keynote titled "GIS: Too Much Information." The executive services manager, in a thank you letter noted, "You received excellent reviews!" (My coverage, Mar 2004).

I presented the keynote at the Ventura College (California) GIS Day conference in November 2003, at the invitations of GIS Monitor readers. From the thank you note: "I want to tell you again how pleased we were by your keynote speech and attendance at our event. In particular, I received many compliments on your talk from people with a wide variety of GIS knowledge and experience. You did an excellent job of providing us with the tools for discussing web mapping issues." - Paul Van Zuyle, one of the organizers. (My coverage, Nov 2003)

I spoke about GIS at the International Right of Way Association 49th Annual International Education Conference. (My coverage, June 2003)

I presented a keynote at the Laser-Scan's User and Partner Conference in Cambridge, England. From Laser-Scan's thank you note: "Yes, we had an excellent conference, there was definitely a buzz to the whole event and we're getting some good feedback too." (My coverage, July 2003)

I spoke at GIS User Forum in Dubai UAE, from 28 - 30 April, 2002. (My coverage, my travelogue, Apr 2002)

I presented the keynote address at the Illinois GIS Association 2001 Fall Conference.  This is from the "thank you" note:  "It certainly was an outstanding presentation - many of the conference attendees that I talked to felt that it was the best keynote address they had ever heard.  I personally enjoyed your talk because it offered the best of what a keynote address should be:  relevant to the audience's interests, but also challenging enough to provoke new insights." - Larry Gunderson, President, ILGISA.  (Nov 2001)