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Selected Publications

    Reporting from Autodesk University, 2004

Current Writing


Ignite Education Blog - Chief Blogger, 2011 - present


Directions Magazine - Executive Editor, 2005 - present

    - 50 most recent articles

All Points Blog - Chief Blogger, 2005 - present

    - 25 most recent posts


GIS Professional - print UK GIS publication, columnist, 2005 - present


Geography 897g: Trends in Geospatial Technology (left PSU, March 2011)

Geography 860: Comparative GIS (retired 2009)

Past Editorships

GIS Monitor:  Making Sense of the Geospatial Marketplace, Co-founder/Editor, weekly electronic newsletter (2000-2005), ceased publication 2007, image at right reporting from Autodesk University, 2004

OGC News - Founding Editor, monthly electronic newsletter highlighting the work of the Open GIS/Geospatial Consortium (OGC), published by the OGC. (2001-20006), ceased publication 2011

EOM (Earth Observation Magazine) - contributing writer, editor (2004 - Feb 2005), ceased publication 2005

Selected articles:
    - The Future of Imagery and GIS
    - Federal GIS Users Unite at ESRI Conference
    - Resource21 Aims High, Falls Hard
    - Mapping Science: New Standard, New Company, Short Life

Selected Articles

Open Source and Open Standards in Geospatial Technologies - the relationship between open source and open standards in geotechnologies; there's a lot of confusion on this topic. Written on behalf of OGC. GeoInformatics, June, 2006

Intelligent Rubbersheeting Preserves the Value of Legacy Data - why traditional rubbersheeting may not the best choice. Written on behalf of TCI Corp. GEOWorld, Sept. 2003.

Component-built Aerial Sensor Means Imagery for Everyone - how to build a aerial sensor from off-the-shelf parts. Written on behalf of EMERGE. Professional Surveyor, Oct. 2002.

Geocaching: More than a Game - one of my favorite sports, and the story of some Cub Scouts who gave it a try, Professional Surveyor, Oct 2002.

ArcGIS 8.1: ESRI’s Big Step Forward - a review of ArcGIS 8.1,  Professional Surveyor, Sept. 2001.

An Obituary for Scott Elliott - Scott Eilliott founded Wessex and Directions Magazine, and had a significant impact on this industry. Directions Magazine, Jan. 2001

Manifold.net ReviewGISVision, Nov. 2000.

Building a Better Pipeline Map:  GPS Reinvents the WheelProfessional Surveyor, Oct. 2000.

XML, GIS and YouGISVision, Sept. 2000.

Enterprisewide Solutions Alter the CAD/GIS LandscapeGEOWorld, June 2000, pp. 45-48.

Engineering, Geographic Information Systems and Databases: A New Frontier, with Jack Dangermond, Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, July 1998, pp.121-22.

CAD/GIS IntegrationGIS World, June 1998, pp. 54-57.

Programming Languages and GIS: A Primer, URISA Journal, Spring 1997, pp. 61-63.

The World Wide Web and the AutoCAD User, Cadence Magazine, May 1997, pp. 44-56.

My work has also appeared, sometimes uncredited, in ArcNews, Geospatial Solutions, GEOWorld, GIM, Geomatics World, Directions Magazine, and SpatialNews. I have also written for KiteLifeKiting, Endurance Planet, Ultramarthoner and several other hobbyist newsletters.